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Supplier Security Program

Cyber-supply chain risk management framework for critical suppliers.

Demonstrate third party risk management in compliance
with DoD, NIST and NDAA frameworks.

If you’re serving DoD primes or partners in critical infrastructure and critical manufacturing, demonstrating security and compliance has never been more important. But navigating complex regulations and assessments can be difficult.
Position your business for success by automating compliance with common supply chain cyber risk management
standards and regulations.


Fortress A2V validation entails rigorous review and continuous monitoring of supply chain risk to ensure enrolled organizations have an effective toolset for identifying and remediating cyber risk associated with third party vendors.


A2V has created a methodology that defines inherent cyber risk from products and services, applied the inherent risk methodology to carry out a criticality ranking of suppliers and maintained basic C-SCRM controls as indicated by authoritative sources. 


A2V suppliers can continuously monitor supply chain risk to illuminate application security vulnerabilities, security protocol health, geolocation, exposed credentials, and patching cadence.

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